Wishing for Divorce…

Ok first let me preface this by saying D and I are NOT getting divorced. Not even close.  But the topic is still very real.

We all know couples, both dating/engaged/married who we “just don’t see it.”  We don’t quite get the relationship.  Or we’re not happy with it.

And this can be for a number of reasons.  Hopefully it isn’t because of any violence (because that enters a whole different discussion).

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Still Sick

Kinda gross so I apologize in advance.  Last night I went to sleep before 10pm.  I genuinely cannot remember the last time that happened.  Definitely years.  I had been cold (probably a result of a fever) and was layered up.  It took practically no time for me to pass out.  I had a very vivid dream (I think related to making videotapes of events related to the book I was reading … sadly I cannot remember details) and awoke at 1am.  Knowing I was not going to get back to sleep, I went into the living room to allow D the opportunity to sleep and finished reading my book (I’ll post a review another time).  By 2am I had finished and back to bed for me.  I was no longer cold and took off all the extra layers.  There I stayed until 12:20ish pm.

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A Book in Review

(Sorry for the very long delay since my last real blog!  Not feeling 100% but glad to be back!)

The House at Riverton is the story of a girl born around the turn of the 20th century.  Told in flashbacks, the narrator is Grace, who is now 98.  During the 1910’s, Grace worked as a lady’s maid for a rich local family in England.  Kate Morton sets up the tale as a love story gone horribly wrong (isn’t that often the case) with the now 98 year old Grace the sole surviving witness to an infamous death at the famous Riverton estate.  A film is being made about the death and Grace is relieved to discover they don’t know the truth of what happened.

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Spiders Are Now in Cars??

So we all know that I hate bugs.  Hate.  Despise.  Yuck. (That said … last night I found the tiniest little spider on our ceiling … I did have D kill it but it was quite cute!)  I have trouble killing them.  Once a bug has been spotted in a certain area of my house I always look at that spot to see if there is another one.  Once I found a spider web in my car … almost daily I look at that spot to make sure nothing has regrown.  So today I’m reading online.  Minding my own business.  Ignoring the ads for the expose on stink bugs and how bad they will be this summer (last summer was like one of the 10 plagues!) when I stumble upon this: Mazda recalls cars because of spiders.  Spiders!  That shouldn’t be allowed.  I shouldn’t have to worry about spiders INSIDE of my car.

Is there no place safe from bugs.  I know the answer but I still try asking the question!

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