Respect Please!

Our flight was scheduled to leave at 8:04am so ShuttleUSA (Not the real name) suggested a 5:04 pickup. Not thrilled, but ok. We didn’t get to sleep until around midnight. I woke myself up at 3am then went back to sleep and got up for real around 3:45am. We were… Read more »

Still Sick

Felicia   May 2, 2015   No Comments on Still Sick

Kinda gross so I apologize in advance.  Last night I went to sleep before 10pm.  I genuinely cannot remember the last time that happened.  Definitely years.  I had been cold (probably a result of a fever) and was layered up.  It took practically no time for me to pass out. … Read more »

Yummy Brunch

Felicia   April 11, 2015   No Comments on Yummy Brunch

So as usually happens on the weekends, when I wake up, it’s time for me to decide what to make for lunch (I don’t have kids and love sleep so I often sleep in on the weekends and D usually gets up earlier than me).  Sunday is food shopping today… Read more »