The High School Confusion

If you think it’s easy to get into even a public high school for some kids, think again. Yesterday I met a girl and heard her story, her parents formally disowned her when she was 15, and she spent six months living in a car before trying to enroll herself in school miles away with no parents. It’s not the lack of parents that was the problem — it seems her former school district was so far ahead of the new one that, even at 16, she only had three classes left to graduate.
Three classes simply weren’t worth the trouble for the school. she was denied entry back into high school and told to finish her high school equivalency at the nearby community college. Obviously, this came with a fee that fortunately she could pay from working two minimum wage jobs. Perhaps it was survival instincts kicking in, but even then she knew she was the exception.

High School isn’t a Guarantee

The GED is a great, feasible option for many people. However, what if you really want that high school diploma? There are ways to get it beyond high school. Maybe you’re like me, or maybe you think you’re “too old” for high school, but still want that diploma. Consider looking into options at the community college.

She had two options: sign up the GED Classes online and believe me there are plenty of great courses or traditional classroom work. She opted for independent study largely because she was so disheartened at being denied re-entry into high school. However, it worked for her, especially considering she enjoyed those last three classes. For others who are busy with work, family or other obligations, it’s relatively simple to squeeze it into your schedule. Continue reading “The High School Confusion”